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Some amazing bloggers have read and reviewed Aloha Also Means Goodbye. Here’s what they thought!

I devoured this book! It’s a great storyline that’s more thoughtful than your typical ‘chick lit’ or summer book, but still has that fun aspect thanks to the location and the descriptions that bring the setting and characters to life. You won’t want to put this down, so be forewarned!

Kelly Whalen – The Centsible Life


I’m a chick lit fanatic. This book was amazing! Perfect beach read, or snuggle up by the fire read, or you can read it like I did, in the car pool line, while making dinner, while giving the kids a bath, etc. etc. 😉 I couldn’t put it down! Buy it! You won’t be disappointed!

Emily Vanek – Colorado Moms

One part romance. One part thriller. One part mystery. All of it completely enchanting!! Once your start, you will not be able to put it down until every delicious surprise is delicately unwrapped and thoroughly savored. Not to mention, it was the perfect escape from my holiday week with the family. Let’s just say, this warm and delightful book is the only kind of drama I want… especially during such a frosty Thanksgiving 😉

Grace Duffy – Formerly Gracie


I love a book that is hard to put down and envelopes me right from the beginning. Ms.Rosenberg has been able to incorporate so many styles and yet has delivered strong characters that make you want to know what happens next! Loved the book and can’t wait for her next one!

Lee Reyes Fournier – Couple Dumb


Jo’s story is instantly engaging. This book takes you on a fun adventure and will have you carrying your kindle with you from room to room.

Kudos to Jessica Rosenberg on her maiden novel… can’t wait to see who she’ll dream up next!

Tania Ruben – Pure Natural Diva


There is a beach. There are fabulously hot guys and beautiful girls. There are cute kids and an overbearing mother. This is a quick easy read and a scrappy first novel. I can’t wait to see what else Rosenberg writes! A must-read!

Andrea Peskind Katz – Great Thoughts


A quick read with endearing characters and an unexpected plot. I definitely recommend it. A great first novel from Jessica Rosenberg.

Danielle Liss – Kitten a Go-Go


I fell in love with all of the characters in Aloha Also Means Goodbye, wanting to see a happy ending for each of them. Jessica Rosenberg did a fabulous job of creating a single story, all while digging deep in to each person’s hopes and dreams. A must read, for sure!

Christine Young – From Dates to Diapers


This book combines all the elements that make a great escapist read. The setting is sublime, there is romance and a bit of action and above all, the characters are written with the kind of depth that makes the reader want to know what is going on in their lives. I read this book quickly and it left me wishing there were more. Hint to the author, I’d be alright if there were a sequel. I miss my new book friends!

Cristie Ritz King – The Right Hand Mom


I read this while on a beach vacation and kept wishing I’d actually bump into these flawed, but lovely characters. They were people I could relate to, and seemed vividly real. I highly recommend this book for people looking to escape into a page turner. But be prepared, you might just find yourself giving some of your own relationships second thoughts.

Amy Heinz – Using Our Words 


It’s a quick read and though some might classify it as a “beach read” or even “chic lit” (if they are having a rude day), this isn’t a book just for women. Guys, you’ll dig this book, too. Unless you’re the type who only reads Clancy. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Aloha Also Means Goodbye probably ain’t for you.

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Amy Tucker – Taste Like Crazy